Lighthearted Philosopher Dr. Steven Gimbel Publishes a New Theory of Humor





11th Annual Conference  Call for papers available




September 29-30, 2017

Dolphin Beach Resort, St. Pete Beach, FL

Submission Deadline: July 15th, 2017

The Lighthearted Philosophers Society (LPS) is an organization for philosophers who approach their work with a sense of humor. We strive to create a venue for professional philosophy that is welcoming, enjoyable, and engaging. Please join us in our merry ruminations!

Our conference last year attracted philosophers from all over the nation—from New York to California. We are interested in both the philosophy of humor and humorous philosophy from any field. We welcome witty papers from any area of philosophy, and we’d especially enjoy papers on philosophical questions about humor.


Submission Requirements:

All materials should be prepared for blind review; contact information, affiliation, whether you would like to volunteer as a heckler (see below), etc. should be included on a separate cover sheet. We will accept submissions in the following forms:


1) Full paper submissions: Please prepare papers with limited time for presentation in mind (2,500-3,000 words is preferable).


2) Panel proposal: Panel description should be 350-500 words, which should specify what each panelist will contribute.


3) Individual Short Performances: Submissions should include a 350-500 word rationale describing the theoretical contribution of the performance piece as well as a 350-500 word abstract describing the nature of the performance itself. Please include any audio-visual requests in the abstract.

3) Abstract submissions: Abstracts should be 350-500 words, and should be accompanied by a references/work cited page. Please note that we give preference to full papers. 


Hecklers (commonly referred to as commentators) will accompany each accepted submission. If you are interested in volunteering to comment and are not submitting a paper, please email the conference organizer with your areas of specialization, contact information, affiliation, and indicate you would like to volunteer as a heckler. Otherwise, if you would be interested in providing a commentary, please indicate this on your submission cover sheet.


Selected papers will be considered for the Joseph S. Ellin Memorial Essay Prize ($100)

Selected hecklers will be considered for the Richard C. Richards Almost Memorial Prize ($50)


Those selected will be notified by August 15th.


Please submit your papers electronically to the following email address:  Questions can be directed to the email address above.

Our dearly beloved Steven Gimbel has published a new book with Routledge available now! A comprehensive new theory of humor, workshopped at and inspired by our conferences, Isn't That Clever: A Philosophical Account of Humor and Comedy is sure to become a foundational text in the Philosophy of Humor, as well as a delightful read. Steve faced down an Author Meets Critic Panel at our 11th Annual Conference, and an official review of the text will be available soon.
Get the book for approx. $25,000 at the link below, or request a copy through your local and university libraries.

Florida Philosophical Review:

Special Issue: “Philosophy of Humor and Humorous Philosophy”

Guest Editors: Thomas Brommage, Elizabeth Victor, and Michael Cundall 


Volume XV, Number 1, Winter 2015

Copyright 2010 by The University of Central Florida: ISSN 1535-3656

Table of Contents


  1. Editors' Introduction by Tom Brommage, Michael Cundall, and Elizabeth Victor                           i

  2. "Incongruity and Seriousness" by Chris A. Kramer                                                                              1

  3. "Self-Deprecation and the Habit of Laughter" by Camille Atkinson                                                  19

  4. "’He Approves this Message’: Presidential Self-Deprecating Humor as a Violation of a Social Contract” by Liz Sills                                                                                                                                 37

  5. "Dirty jokes, Tasteless Jokes, Ethnic Jokes" by Al Gini                                                                       50

  6. "Just Kidding Folks! An Expressivist Analysis of Humor" by Thomas Brommage                          66

  7. “Heckler Ethics" by Steven Gimbel                                                                                                         77

  8. “Review of J. Williams’ Hating Perfection” by Sophia A. Stone                                                         87

  9. Notes on Contributors                                                                                                                                93