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Remembering Grant Julin


The executive officers of the LPS were devastated to hear about the sudden death of Grant Julin, Professor of Philosophy at St. Francis University, current President of the Lighthearted Philosophers' Society, and a long-standing member of our organization.  Those of you who attended our last conference will vividly remember his beautifully presented and thoughtful opening panel memorializing comedian Norm MacDonald.

Grant’s contributions to our organization long preceded his presidency. We’re all familiar with his Richards prize-winning heckles–including his commentary presented as a stand-up routine, and his memorable mock children’s book. As a scholar of humor, he always delightfully expressed hard-hitting, rigorous philosophical commentary in a way that would make you laugh so hard that you cried. We could always count on him for excellent conversation at conferences–both during the sessions, as well as our evenings together. Grant always made a point to enjoy his time with us to its fullest.

As LPS President, despite the fact that he’d only been in the office a short time, he had already made strides to expand the social media presence of the organization, including managing the organization’s Twitter account.  Grant was always willing to be a resource to colleagues in the organization.

We are currently collecting donations to help the Julin family with funeral expenses. Please make any contributions you would like to send along to the LPS Paypal account (lightheartedphilosophers -at- by Wednesday June 15th. We are also planning to host a session in Grant’s memory at the 2022 conference in Greensboro, NC. We would warmly invite anyone who is comfortable doing so to contribute a happy memory of Grant to that session.


"The work of love in recollecting one who is dead is thus a work of the most unselfish, the freest, and the most faithful love . . . [R]ecollect the one who is dead and just in this way learn to love the living unselfishly, freely, and faithfully." Kierkegaard, Works of Love


Lighthearted Philosopher Steven Gimbel Publishes a New Theory of Humor

Our dearly beloved Steven Gimbel has published a new book with Routledge available now! A comprehensive new theory of humor, workshopped at and inspired by our conferences, Isn't That Clever: A Philosophical Account of Humor and Comedy is sure to become a foundational text in the Philosophy of Humor, as well as a delightful read. Steve faced down an Author Meets Critic Panel at our 11th Annual Conference, and an official review of the text will be available soon.

Buy the book for approx. $25,000.00, or request a copy through your local and university libraries. 


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